Pet Sitting

pet sitting services
Pet Sitting Services

Pet Sitting in Essex County, NJ

We strive to provide our clients with the best pet sitting in Essex County, NJ, and the most courteous service possible. Our dog walking and pet sitting services are available throughout Essex County and some neighboring towns.  We offer you and your pets a convenient alternative to boarding or relying on a neighbor for pet care. Leaving your pet(s) staying at home is safer, healthier, and happier for the animals and more convenient for you. Although your pet(s) will miss you, be assured that they will receive plenty of “TLC” in your absence.  We provide dog sitting and pet sitting services/pet care for your dog(s), cat(s), bird(s), fish, and other animals while you are away.

Whether you need help with dog or cat sitting, it is our goal to provide the most competent care for your pets and home. We agree to:
·  Monitor any medical changes in your pets, take them to the veterinarian if necessary and inform you of the problem.

·  Maintain cleanliness of pet areas and keep them in the condition in which we found them.

·  Inform the owner of any medical emergencies with the pets or problems with the home.

·  Follow the owner’s directions for pet and home care and inform the owner if any changes were necessary due to problems. (We are not liable for any damage your pet may cause to your property or premises while following your instructions.)

·  Provide dog sitters and pet sitters who are bonded, insured, and trained.

·  Equip our dog sitters and pet sitters with pagers and/or cell phones for greater accessibility.

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