~C.W. Bloomfield, NJ

“Pet Watchers has taken incredibly good care of our dog. We started with two dogs, one of whom was getting old and sick and died earlier this year. Our dog walker was so caring of both dogs and very attuned to how our older dog was feeling. She gave us updates and contacted me on my cell phone if she thought something needed my attention. She had so much genuine concern for our older dog and it gave us a lot of peace of mind to know our older dog was in such good hands when we couldn’t be there ourselves.

Now we only have our younger dog.
Our dog walker is so great with him. He loves her and she gives him the exercise he needs.

Our dog walker is also really flexible about arranging for additional walks on short notice.

All of this means that we can leave our dog during the day without worrying because we know that a very capable, responsible and caring person is coming to walk him.”